It’s all About the Drool (Hum: “It’s All About the Bass”)

In the 14th century, three kinds of mastiffs lived in France, and while we usually envision the Dogue de Bordeaux when we think of a French mastiff, the three mastiffs who lived in the 1300s were each called the Doguin d’Aquitance. They varied by region, as well as the jobs they did well, but what those dogs had in common with some breeds of today, regardless of where they’re from, is (wait for it) – drool, slobber, and copious amounts of oral love juice. And yes, that last bit is a highly scientific term we just made up.

Heat, thirst and hunger are said to be the major reasons certain breeds produce so much “dampness,” but impressive jowls, dewlaps, and folds of skin can also lead to moisture being retained so that these dogs are walking water spigots. Meh. When you love these breeds (as we do), it’s no biggie. Drool towels, bibs, spittle, loogies, goobers, and finding slingers 75 feet away from where the dog shook himself – these are all normal in the house of a Mastiff, Bloodhound, Newf, St. Bernard, Berners, Bulldogs, and a few other breeds. If you live with a veritable “goo machine” in your house, this post if for you.  We love your “goobers,” and hope you share their pictures with us!!

Photo by Maja Dumat – Flickr: Bordeaux Dogge Emma, CC BY 2.0,

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