It’s Sumobichon!

If the names Futabayama, Taiho, Akebono and Konishiki means something to you, clearly you are a fan of sumo wrestling as you’ve recognized the names of famous wrestlers.  Sumo wrestling and purebred dogs is an especially sweet match made in heaven if you’re a fan of both, like we are.

Kimiaki Yaegashi is a Tokyo-based illustrator who paired a towering sumo wrestler with a Bichon Frise to create what might seem like an unlikely friendship. In his series of illustrations called Sumobichon, Yaegashi reveals his wrestler’s inner “softie:” Sumo-owner allows his pup to wrestle in his mawashi, the belt (loincloth) that the rikishi (or wrestler) wears during training or a bout; Sumobichon chases salt traditionally thrown before a match for its purifying powers.  The duo exercise together, share dinner from the same hot pot, and as Sumobichon watches on, his “tough guy” owner gets shy around the ladies.

The charming illos are available as notecards, but you can also find more pieces on Sumobichon’s Instagram page, on Yaegashi’s website, and Facebook.

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