The “Jelly Bean” Dog

We love learning about the nicknames attached to our various breed, and this is a colorful one: The Lhasa Apso is called the “Jelly Bean” breed because it comes in a rainbow of colors. There are at least nine distinct coat color gene loci in the breed, and the interactions of these nine genes result in the wide variety of colors. One of the following colors,  however, is not accepted by the parent club – which one?  Black, black and tan, cream, apricot, golden, grizzle, red, red gold, white, blue, charcoal, gray, liver, and silver.  The answer is below (upsidedown)

Shih Tzu by Ron Krajewski

Lhasa Apso,

4 thoughts on “The “Jelly Bean” Dog”

  1. Color genetics is a surprisingly complex and interesting topic.

    • It is, Linda, and just when we think we have a handle on it, we realize we really don’t (grin)

  2. Great website. Always learn something. Didn’t know Lhasa Apsos came in so many colors. What more commonly-known color is grizzle most like?

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