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In the crowded grooming area of the 142nd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, it seemed improbable that the first self-made female billionaire in the United States could walk among the throng – and even chat with dog owners –  and go largely unrecognized. Perhaps it was because no one expected to see Martha Stewart stepping over electrical cords, dodging a blast of air from a hair dryer, or getting out of the way of a handler late for the ring. On that day, Martha Stewart was there to admire the dogs just like any other dog lover, and a dog affectionado, she certainly is.

Her first dog was a Keeshond named, “Little Bear,” but she is often associated with Chow Chows, a breed she has had for many years. There have been G.C., Max, Emperor Chin Chin, Peluche, Zu Zu, Ghenghis Khan I, Zuleika, Paw Paw, and “Ghenghis Kahn II” who won Best of Breed at Westminster in 2012. Her newest Chow Chow family member is Emperor Han.

Chow Chow, French Bulldog,Martha Stewart,Westminster kennel club dog show


Some ten years ago, Ms. Stewart discovered the fabulous French Bulldog and came to admire the breed for reasons opposite of why she loves Chow Chows. While the latter is independent and proud, the Frenchie is cuddly and inquisitive. She discusses her dogs in the November 2018 issue of Martha Stewart Living, and shares pictures of the Chow Chows along with, “Francesca Blackbird,” Bete Noire,” and “Sharkey” (who has since passed away), her French Bulldogs. The article, Puppy Love,” which appears in the front of the magazine goes on to talk about the importance of attention and positive training.

Martha Stewart has a huge fan base that buys her cookbooks, watched her TV show, and reads her magazine, Martha Stewart Living.  She frequently has had show dogs on her show:

We commend her for sharing her love of these purebred breeds at a time when many celebrities won’t commit to supporting purebred dogs lest they anger their fans. We say, good for her!  We need more celebrity support.

Thumbnail image taken from Pinterest and happily credited upon receipt of information. Image of a page from the November 2018 issue of Martha Stewart Living

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