Kathleen Dahmer’s “Hide and Seek” Photo Challenge

Scent Work is a sport that mimics the task of working detection dogs to locate a scent and communicate to the handler that the scent has been found, but the dogs don’t know that. For them, it’s a game of hide and seek: You hide the object, and they seek it out with their nose. Fittingly, the theme of this challenge generously sponsored by Kathleen Dahmer is “Hide and Seek.”

The challenge: Your task is to creatively interpret the challenge theme bearing in mind how it is that dogs find anything and everything. 

The prize: A $50 gift certificate to Cherrybrook Show Dog, Grooming & Pet Supplies.

The Dreaded Small Print You Must Read To Enter

•••• This contest happens on May 1 on our Facebook page. It is open to domestic and international participants;

•••• One entry per person; You may enter four different photo challenges. If you enter this one, you may enter three more;

••••  When submitting your photo entry on Facebook, you must indicate the name of this contest which is the Kathleen Dahmer’s “Hide and Seek” Photo Challenge;

•••• Your entry must be for the 2021 contest. Photos submitted from previous years’ contests will be disqualified, and yes, we remember photos from one year to the next;

•••• Within the photo, your image must include a purebred dog and one of the following either downloaded from the link or handmade:

The “IPurebred Dogs” sign (https://bit.ly/3vBGL3Q)

The “Happy National Purebred Dg Day” sign (https://bit.ly/3lv8qii)

The “I Lve My Purebred Dog” sign (https://bit.ly/3vEULKd)

Any official National Purebred Dog Day item available here. 

•••• No photoshopping, and that includes the required sign. Our judges, David Frei and Jack Grassa must see what you actually shot with your camera;

•••• Many people may help you take your photo, but the prizes goes to the person submitting the winning photograph.

•••• Entering this contest implies consent that your photo may be shared on NPDD’s social media platforms, and by Tool Klean for promotional use;

•••• A full explanation of how, when, and where to submit your entry can be read here;  

•••• Important! You and your dog should have safe fun when composing your entry!

•••• Judges’ decisions are final


Image: © Alexey Maximenko | Dreamstime.com


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