Know the”Lamb Cut”

In Poodles, the clip known as the “lamb cut” sees the dog’s face, tail, and feet shaved, but its topknot and tail are basically the same length as the dog’s hair elsewhere on the body, and that can be any length the groomer chooses. Some elect to leave hair on the dog’s legs a little longer so that they don’t appear to resemble toothpicks. If so, this clip is also called the kennel, or utility clip.

Monsieur Marcelis acknowledged as the creator of the ‘Lamb Clip’ for Poodles which he did for a Dutch Princess in 1932, but we welcome the insights of Poodle folks.

Image found on Pinterest and happily credited upon receipt of information.

7 thoughts on “Know the”Lamb Cut””

  1. As a groomer, and former poodle owner (rip Scarlett) the”lamb clip ” of modern times has the legs fuller than the jacket and the top knot and tall are fuller as well.
    Face and feet are shaved and the tail banded.

  2. Just like the pic in the article.
    A ” kennel” or “utility” clip is same length on body and legs, face and feet shaved with typically a fuller top knot and tail

  3. I am a devoted Standard Poodle owner, and have wondered why the show dogs don’t also use the Lamb or Kennel clip. These cuts show off the beautiful lines of this majestic dog, rather than the silly display of partial coat that is the preferred show ring cut. The Standard Poodle should be in the hunting class, as it is an expert water fowl retriever, and a very athletic dog. You should see our Phabulous Phoebe catch a frisbee in mid-air. Chesapeake Bay duck & geese hunters often use the Standard Poodle to retrieve their birds from the water. In fact, the first page of the Poodle Club of America website has a photo of just such an activity. If there is an organized movement in support of changes in show cut and class, please let me know. I’d like to join that effort.

    • Perhaps you’ll hear from like-minded Poodle owners, Dotty. We know we’re not alone in thinking the Poodle is better placed in the Sporting Group

    • My standard poodle is a talented athlete and belongs in the hunting class. He does agility and therapy work, and I’d never leave the house in anything other than a chic lamb/kennel/utility clip. He’s stunning and stops traffic because he’s beautiful exactly the way he’s supposed to be.

      • He’s a looker, that’s for sure, and it’s wonderful that you’re working him to his full range of talents!

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