Komondor Sculpture

This incredible Komondor sculpture was installed at Gorky Park in Moscow, and it will surprise no one who has seen the Doberman Pinschers pieces in Budapest, or saw the Puli created for the Hungarian Heritage: Roots to Revival program at the 2013 Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington DC that the piece was created by Gábor Miklós.

Szőke is famous for using recycled wooden slats of different sizes  to create imposing animal subjects. Though he graduated only in 2010 from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, he has been extremely prolific, installing his animal sculptures throughout Hungary and much of Europe.

In the Puli piece, Szőke built it like he builds all his projects: With a basic idea he develops through intuition and imagination. On his Web site, Szőke refers to himself as a statue breeder “who is experimenting with all materials to finally make the most appropriate being.”

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