Led Zeppelin’s Collie

So maybe you’re not that much into rock bands and don’t know who Robert Plant is.  That’s ok. We’re pretty sure, however, that everyone has heard of Led Zeppelin, and Robert Plant was that band’s lead singer and lyricist. In addition to being the voice we sing along to when we hear the tune, Stairway to Heaven, Plant was the owner of a Collie named after “Strider,” who inspired the song named, “Bron Yr Aur Stomp.”  As you hear the song below, listen for the lyric, “Ain’t but one thing to do/Spend my natural life with you/You’re the finest dog I knew.” In some versions of the song,  Robert Plant was known to follow the song’s final line of “Hear me call your name” by shouting out “Strider!”  And now you know.

10 thoughts on “Led Zeppelin’s Collie”

    • “Tell your friends all around the world/ Ain’t no companion like a blue-eyed merle” sounds like a collie. And there is definitely a blue merle collie with the Plant family in “The Song Remains the Same.” He could have had more than one breed.

    • He most definitely had a Collie. He got him as a puppy. He may have also had an Irish Wolfhound at some time. I have some photos of his Collie if no one else has shared them here. 👍🐾

      • I’d like to see the pictures of Robert’s collie Stryker if u hv some!

  1. Yes, Strider was a blue eyed Merle border collie. I can tell from the size, and the head. I’ve had Border Collies for over 20 years.

  2. Australian shepherd or Border collie? Usually the distinction is obvious, but sometimes it can be very tough to tell.

  3. Strider was a Collie…not a Border Collie. The elongated nose and wide bridge between the eyes belong to the Collie. From every picture I have seen (I’ve seen a lot), there’s absolutely no doubt Robert’s dog Strider was a blue eyed, mottled merle, long-hair coated Collie.

    • Yes, that is exactly what Strider was; I remember Strider from when I was young. He jumped in our stream once in pursuit of a duck and, as it was quite a long way down, had to be rescued by his faithful owner.

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