Long Dogs. They May Not be the Breed You Think

In 1931, Freeman Lloyd wrote a reference to the “long dog of the greyhound” that was published in the American Kennel Gazette, but before that, Delabere P Blaine made two references to “long dogs” in the Encyclopedia Of Rural Sports, (1840) about Scottish, Irish and English Greyhounds:

1) “When deer became less plentiful, the fox was the animal substituted for coursing j and the sport of fox coursing became very popular, and was entirely pursued with the strong wire-haired greyhounds of that period, descended from the stock of Scotia, and not yet reclaimed to that attenuation of form and fineness of coat which marks the modern long dogs of the acknowledged true English greyhound.”

and also here:

2) ” …..the progressive improvement of this dog from the Celtic vertraha, through the grades of Irish and Scotch strong greyhound to the elegant courser or long dog, seen in its highest form at our great coursing meetings, so closely tallies with our own conclusions formed and stated several years ago.”

Long dogs. The term isn’t always what you think.

Image of Greyhound by Karen Townsend
Find her work here: http://www.pencilportraitsbykat.com/


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