Lou’s First Christmas

No word on how Lou, the Bulldog enjoyed his first Christmas, but we’re betting that his owner, Reese Witherspoon, made sure it was a good one. Maybe he even got his own chewie-sofa-arm to nibble. Check out Witherspoon’s Christmas video below that was first posted on Instagram to understand our sofa-arm comment:

Though Witherspoon may forever be associated with Chihuahuas from the “Legally Blonde” series,  she’s had as part of her canine family “Lou Ann,” a Bull Terrier, “Nash,” a beloved German Shepherd Dog who passed away this past spring, and currently, a French Bulldog named, “Pepper,” a Labrador Retriever named “Hank,” and now, of course, Lou the Bulldog – all of whom you can see on Witherspoon’s Instagram page. 

If this was your dog’s first Christmas, share a picture?

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