Loving a Breed Because of a Book

How many of you fell in love with a dog because of a book? Did it happen to be a Rottweiler named, “Carl?”

“Good Dog, Carl” was the first of a series of children’s picture books written and illustrated by Alexandra Day. The story focuses on a Rottweiler, and the little girl he takes care of, Madeleine. There have been fourteen “Carl” titles since 1985, and addition to the millions of kids and Rottie fans who have loved these books, they’ve been found to be useful in teaching English as a second language, communicating with Alzheimer’s patients, and in reaching children who are struggling to learn how to read.

Help a child fall in love with a dog. Introduce him or her to “Carl.”

One thought on “Loving a Breed Because of a Book”

  1. I have all the Carl books, for my kids (now adults) and finally Carl Goes to the Dog Show for my granddaughter. I can’t lie, they were all for me. I have Bouviers.

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