Meet the Symbol of Corsica 

The land that spawned Napoleon Bonaparte also gave us one of the most attractive brindle breeds out there (albeit a little known one)  – the Cursinu (which translates to “Corsican dog”). Known on the Island of Corsica since the 16th century, the rustic and robust Cursinu accompanied flocks of sheep, guarded their sheepfold, stood watch over his master’s house, then hunted with him.

In part, a lessening dependence on the pastoral world led to the breed nearly vanishing, and it might have had it not been for the Cursinu Safeguarding Association formed after the publication of Paul Franceschi’s study of the genetic characteristics of the breed.  Concerned fans of the breed undertook action to safeguard this Corsican native.

It helped. There are now presently some 2,000 Cursinus in Corsica, and the breed is growing in popularity (and numbers) in France, possibly because the Société Centrale Canine (French Kennel Club) has recognized the breed since 2003. Check out the breed being exhibited in the show ring at a Paris Dog Show in 2015:

A nice showing for a breed now often presented as a symbol of Corsica

Image of Cursinu by Küchenkraut – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

13 thoughts on “Meet the Symbol of Corsica ”

  1. I recently rescued an dog that I believe might be a Cursinu. However it is very hard to find anyone that I can contact that could verify her breed for me. Most of the information I have found is in French and I cannot find any breeders in the USA. Do you know of any breeders or clubs that I could contact that could assist me?

    • I too have a dog that is identical to a Cursinu, but can’t find anything in the USA. I think we would have to start our own club!!

      • I might have one, too. A rescue discovered her being sold on the wrong side of town with Parvo. The sellers released her to a dog rescue for medical treatment. She survived and is with me now.

    • I have one from a rescue service in the south through Petfinder. My vet believes she is Cursini but I have not tested her DNA yet and can not do so during the limited corona hours at the vet. She looks just like your dog

  2. Same here, found in Europe , brought into US, I guess we can start a new breed

  3. This girl is young. but has already had pups. shes just wandered up in our neighborhood. about 40lbs. We are pretty remote, out in rural Alabama, USA, so we feel as if someone dumped her out here.
    Surely she’s a mix of something but I thought she looked remarkably like this breed.
    SHe’s super calm and friendly.

    • There has to be a special ring of hell for someone who dumps a dog, but bless your heart for taking her in. She sure does resemble the breed!

  4. Us too.rural oklahoma. Someone dumped the mom who was dead with our pup left at about 5 wks. She works as my PTSD dog. She’s a natural cattle herder too. Such a sweet natured girl ans has yet to meet a stranger.

  5. Hi
    I am in the UK & rescued a street dog from Macedonia in 2019.
    I believe she is also a Cursinu.
    Would love to speak with others anywhere.
    Aria is a sweet girl, loves to run/walk, is a little reserved with people but friendly once she knows them. Good with other dogs, noted she will interact with them if they’re friendly & ignores them if they don’t want to know.

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