The Monk’s Cap

On the heads of some Saint Bernards is a skullcap-like marking said to be very special. The round spot, or “island” of darker color on the top of these dogs’ heads is known as the “monk’s cap,” or holy spot. Saint Bernard hospice monks believed that these spots were where the dogs been kissed by an angel. We think every Saint Bernard has been touched by angels, only we can’t always see those spots. Just saying. Oh, and if you have a Saint Bernard with a “monk’s cap,” we’d love to replace this painting with an image of the ‘real deal.’

St. Bernard pup painting by Otto Eerelman (1839-1926) via WikiGallery

45 thoughts on “The Monk’s Cap”

  1. My Oso had a very prominent Monk’s Cap.
    I didn’t realize how special it was until I met a man in Malibu who told me what it was.

  2. Oso loved to be twelve and a half and passed away just last week. It’s going to be a long winter.

    • Oh Kenny, we’re so sorry. Oso was lovely, but they never live long enough. Ever.

  3. This is my new pup he has a monks cap and a snow ear he’s only 5 days old.

    • Eeeeekkkkkk, Brandy, if he were any cuter, it’d be a felony in all 50 states

  4. My Daisy passed July of this year, thought I would share her “monks cap” anyway.

    • Oh Scott, we’re so sorry for your loss. Daisy was lovely, and we’re glad you shared her picture with us. RIP, dear Daisy.

  5. My Zeus had it too, he died 1/10/18. The greatest dog that ever lived, but certainly not long enough!!

    • We’re so sorry for your recent loss, Tyree – only a couple of weeks, now, and your pain must still be so fresh. Zeus was quite lovely!

    • Happy birthday, Tuukka! He wears his monks cap well (and he’s STINKING CUTE!)

  6. I just learned about the Monk’s cap! I adopted Lucy from a rescue group outside a PetSmart in Greenville, SC. She is so sweet. No doubt kissed by an angel.

    • Hello, Clifford! His Monk’s Cap is wonderful, Alan, thank you for sharing it with us! Good boy, Clifford!

  7. This is MacLeod. He is 13 weeks old. I thought I would share his monk’s cap.

    • Oh wow! Congratulations on a healthy litter of the next generation, and imagine that: Nine with monks caps!!!

    • What an appropriate name, Rhonda, and such a cute dog! Yes, that’s a marvelous monk’s cap!!

  8. This is Molly she’s 2 months and I think she’s been kissed by satan instead lmao she eats and chews everything in her path

    • LOL, Ryan, she’ll be satanic just a little bit longer into her teens, but she’ll level out and be wonderful! Hang in there.

  9. Saoirse is our special girl. The most personality you will ever find, and very sassy… she talks back all the time❤️

  10. Maggie Mae is the best dog! We love our Saint and are in the process of getting another one.

    Great Dogs!!!

  11. My little monster, Sulley, has a monks cap 🥰 I can definitely tell he’s been kissed by angels 🥰 he also has all the freckles to prove it

  12. Here is our sweet boy Duke. He just turned 5. We adopted him 2+ years ago from a rescue. He is the best boy and I knew his spot was special. I’ve always called it God’s thumbprint, and it’s nice to know I wasn’t too far off ♥️ I’m so happy I found this article 😊

  13. My boy Benson, he’s just over 8 weeks old and I’m so in love with him!

    • Oh wow, Benson is PRECIOUS! And he has a fine monk’s cap!!

  14. Here’s Caesar! He’s been kissed by an angel and have helped heal our hearts after we lost our previous Saint.

    Caesar is150#s and 11 months old now…

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