Most Common Cause of Ruined Feet

Trimming nails. Some of us would rather express anal glands than wrestle with our dogs during nail grinding/cutting time. And yes, we really did just say that. That said, excessively long nails seriously impacts a dog’s overall health.  Seriously.


If a dog’s nails are too long, he’ll walk flat-footed to avoid the discomfort of talon-long nails pushing against a hard floor instead up walking up on histoes. Those long nails nails change the natural alignment of his leg bones which adds torque or twisting to the joints. They cause the bones in his foot to flatten, and the Metacarpal, Phalanx I and Phalanx II bones to sit more angled every time he walks or stands.The different angle of the bones when pressure is applied causes joint stress and can lead to joint pain and arthritis. It also leads to dropped wrists which make the dog look flat footed.
Over a lengthy period of time, those joint issues that will work their way up to his shoulders.

Ripped nails from catching on carpeting, dew claws that curve and grow back into the pad – oh yeah, we’re talking big problems here.

The Internet is filled with how-to’s and diagrams on nail grinding and cutting, but in our humble opinion, the real masters of nail care are the Doberman Pinscher people. Huzzah.

Image: Doberman Pinscher by Dean Russo

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