No Kakorrhaphiophobia Here*

And then there are those dogs who are up for anything, any time of day, any day of the week (even a Monday)…

Photo of “Cosmo,” a Kuvasz by Andy Susin. Folks, we want pictures of your dogs looking sleeping, silly, grumpy or goofy. Send them to us here along with their call name, breed, and who gets photo credit.

*We think learning can be fun, and that includes increasing our vocabulary to include obscure words you’ll never need until you need them, and then WHOOSH, watch out. You will impress everyone. Kakorrhaphiophobia is a fear of failure, something a Kuvasz will never know.

2 thoughts on “No Kakorrhaphiophobia Here*”

  1. This was Chanels favorite sleeping position after playing with her Ibizan hound playmates

    • Bwwaaaa, Susan, that’s PRICELESS! We can’t tell upside-down what Chanel’s breed is?

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