Old Scars

“Old scars and injuries, the result of honorable work or accident, should not be allowed to prejudice a terrier’s chance in the show ring.”

The mention of scars (or broken teeth) as a result of “honorable work,” refutes the critics of dog shows who assert that dog shows are nothing more than a beauty pageant. The first line of this post, in fact is from the Parson Russell Terrier’s AKC breed standard. The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is another with a standard that includes, “Honorable scars are not to be penalized.”

Does your breed’s standard allow for “battle scars?”

Image: ‘Parson Russell Terriers with Saddle” by Sue Deutscher

3 thoughts on “Old Scars”

  1. Yes, the Norwich Terrier AKC standard states in the general appearance section, “A hardy hunt terrier – honorable scars from fair wear and tear are

  2. The Russell terrier standard allows for missing teeth and scars incurred while hunting.

  3. UK judges do not have a clue about the Border Terrier being an “essentially working terrier”. Mine all hunt and have broken and missing teeth. I carry around with me vet certs. to the same. In Europe there is a working class for Border Terriers and in the appropriate country I do exhibit in working. In Europe the terrier group is worked and some breeds are subject to working test for homologation to champion. But the UK, the home of many terrier breeds, it puts them on the table and has killed them off. I hardly show in UK preferring to get scars and broken teeth and have a good working relationship with my dogs. There is absolutely nothing in the standard regarding working scars. They do not know what a fit for function Border Terrier looks like. The table judges prefer teddy bear heads and skinny rats that a badger would eat. Battle scars are ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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