Paper Dog “Dolls” Still Exist

We’d be dating ourselves if we confessed to having played with paper dolls as children, so we won’t. Okay, we did.  We don’t know if kids play with card stock figures “dressed” up with paper clothes held on by folding tabs, anymore, but we were happy to find that “paper dogs” are available. A search on Etsy or Amazon for “dog paper dolls,” in fact, brought up several breed choices! Older versions can be found on vintage sites, as well.

Some of the paper dogs are magnetic, and some come with press-on, peel-off adhesive dots, but they all operate on the same principal. Dress a dog up with a dog coat, scarf, or dog boots, etc, and play pretend. Most are under $10, a bargain if it inspires imagination while teaching a child about different breeds.

Image of “Golden Retriever Dress-Up” by MAG-NEATO’S Novelty Gift Locker is available at Amazon here.

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