Pembroke Welsh Corgis Were Not Her First

Queen Elizabeth’s affection for Pembroke Welch Corgis is well documented, as is her famous kennel of Labrador Retrievers, but not everyone knows that neither was her first breed. As a young princess (just three years old), she was given her first dog by her uncle, Edward, the Prince of Wales. The dog was a Cairn Terrier. It was her father who introduced her to Pemmies when he brought home, “Dookie,” in 1933. “Dookie’s” name was actually shorthand for the future king’s own title, Duke of York,  the dog’s registered name being Rozavel Golden Eagle. “Dookie,” however, refused to respond to any other name, so “Dookie” it was.

Uncle Edward, by the way, abdicated the throne to marry Wallis Simpson. Together, they were known as the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and were lifelong dog fanciers who were typically surrounded by Pugs. Seen here is a 1925 painting by John St. Helier Lander of the Duke (then the Prince of Wales) and his favorite Cairn Terrier.

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