Pug Bongos

After a long Monday (what Monday isn’t long?), we bring you “Dancers! Goats! Pugs!” a rather unusual, if not memorable commercial for Hotels.com.

Imagine you are the client (Hotels.com) sitting in a board room, and the ad agencies (which in this case were Young & Rubicam Group, Crispin Porter & Bogusky (the Creative Agency) and Assembly (the Media Agency) make their pitch. It goes like this:  “Captain Obvious gets rewarded almost everywhere he goes with the Hotels.com App. So, why is he stomping grapes at a bed and breakfast? Or doing goat yoga at a mountain resort? Or playing pug bongos at a destination wedding? The answer is obvious: Hotels.com lets him do him. No matter where his dogs are at.”

Would you “buy” it? Hotels.com did because the commercial they dubbed, “Dancers! Goats! Pugs!” is airing on television now. If you haven’t already seen it, watch it below:

No word on why “Pugs” were used over other breed bellies…..


3 thoughts on “Pug Bongos”

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  2. It was cute. The pugs were only given light taps. One of them looked kind of anxious, though, looking back. Nothing would have been done to hurt them.

    • Agreed, Mary, it was cute, and we’ve been known to gently pretend to “play the drums” on a Puli tummy or two. The dogs think it’s hilarious, probably because we provide vivid sound effects….

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