Puke and Snot. Seriously.

Puke and Snot. It’s a comedy act. Seriously.

Puke and Snot,Sheltie,Shetland Sheepdog,renaissance festivalAnd if you’re a fan of Renaissance Festivals such as the ones occurring across the country this summer, you might have already seen them. Or maybe you saw them at Disney World in Orlando, or Summerfest in Canada, or in a club or college appearance. Puke and Snot is, after all, the longest-running two-man vaudeville team/ comedy duo in the U.S.

Maybe you saw “Snot” (aka John Gamoke) in a Kellogg’s Sugar Frosted Flakes commercial on TV or one of his other TV appearances.  Perhaps you’ve seen “Puke” (aka Mark Sieve) on TV since he’s also an actor, as well as an author.


We got to chatting with “Puke” via Facebook earlier and learned that he is a purebred dog man, and more specifically, a Sheltie guy. “Dottie,” seen above, is his third Shetland Sheepdog, and we think that makes “Puke and Snot” a class act.  Wait, does “class act” and “Puke and Snot” work well in the same sentence?

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