Reflexology – Is It for Your Dog?

Sometimes we share “generic” information useful to all dogs, but Canine Reflexology may be of particular use to the purebred dogs who compete in agility, lure coursing, obedience, carting, weight pulling, conformation, and other competitive environments which see them on their feet.  Proponents swear by its efficacy in ill dogs, as well.  Not all dogs love having their feet touched (first you have to convince the dog you’re not cutting their nails), but if your dog is game, it’s worth considering. Dogs have reflexology points in their paws and around the bottom of their legs. Stimulating them through firm but gentle pressure can increase circulation, balance and relaxation. And besides, who doesn’t love a foot massage?

The technique for Canine reflexology is the same as it is on humans, but you’ll want to review the steps. The Internet is filled with videos and instruction sites, here’s one of them. The chart we’ve included is was found on Pinterest, and we’ll be happy to credit it when provided the source information.

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