Seeing Spots

The Dalmatian does not come as a multicolored dog, but the breed does appear with black spots and liver-spots. The latter is less common than the former because the liver color is caused by recessive genes.

Black-spotted Dals can be pure for black spots which means that the dog doesn’t carry the liver recessive gene and can only produce more black-spotted Dalmatians. Black spotted Dals may also be liver-factored, and that means that although the dog has black spots, he or she can produce liver spots if bred to another Dal with a liver gene.

Liver to liver Dalmatians will only produce more livers.

If you love genetics, the Dalmatian is an interesting breed for you to study! In addition to black and livers, there are orange, lemon, blue, mosaics, tricolors, brindles and two-tone spots, though they are not AKC recognized colors.

Image: “Rainbow Dalmatian” by Dale Moses


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