Short Mouth, Short Head

The Pug is quite an ancient breed thought to date  back to at least 400 BC in China. There are no written documents that definitively prove the Pug’s earliest development, but a dog called the “Lo-Chiang-Sze” (or Lo-Tze) that the Chinese scholar, Confucius described as “short mouthed,” is generally believed to be an early ancestor of the Pug (a dog he also noted was used for the chase).  Later in 950 AD, Emperor Kang Hsi commissioned a dictionary of all Chinese characters, and there, reference was made to “a dog with a short head.”  Additional records from the first century A.D. refer to dogs called, “Pai,” which translated appear to mean a short-legged and short-headed dog whose place was under the table.  Short head, short face. We get it.

Impressionistic Pug painting by Svetlana Novikova  

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