Sighthound of the Free People

The Tuareg people of North Africa are thought to be the most independent feudal culture that still exists today. There are traditions that make this culture fascinating, including the indigo veil men (not women) start wearing at the age of 25. The custom is at the root of the name given to them, the Blue Men of the Sahara, or Men of the Veil, but the people refer to themselves as Imohag, translated as free men. It stands to reason that the breed of dog the Tuareg use to guard camps, and hunt wild boar, hare and antelope are called “I dii n’illeli” or “sighthound of the free people.” We know the breed as the Azawakh which means “land of the north.”

We met a few Azawakh (the plural form) at the AKC National Championship Dog Show in Orlando a few months ago, and below is the ten minute chat we had with their owner (you may have to click on the arrow twice to view it):

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