Smooth Fox Terrier, the Vulnerable Breed List: It Shouldn’t Happen to a Dog

The Smooth Fox Terrier, to which many other terrier breeds owe their existence, appears on Britain’s The Kennel Club list of vulnerable breeds because its yearly registrations number only around 120.
Breeds find themselves on this list when annual registration numbers dip below registrations of 300 puppies or fewer. That such a list was needed was determined in 2003 after research conducted jointly by the KC with the Native Dog Breeds Trust identified just “how bad” things looked for the future of each breed. The majority of breeds on the list come from the Terrier Group, and in 2007, the Bloodhound, Gordon Setter and King Charles Spaniel were re-classed as “Viable” rather than vulnerable. Breeds added to the “At Watch” in 2013 were the English Setter, the Old English Sheepdog, the Irish Terrier, the Irish Wolfhound, the Welsh Springer Spaniel, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and the Welsh Terrier.

To see the list, click here:…/finding-the-right-dog/vu…/

We’d love for the canine world to collectively say with regards to the loss of any breed, “Not on my watch.”

Image of Smooth Fox Terrier by Walter Herbert Wheeler (1878-1960)

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