SNL Goes to the Dogs

Last night on Saturday Night Live, Pete Davidson, Chris Redd, rapper, Meek Mill,  and star of M. Night Shyamalan’s film, “Glass,” James McAvoy, spit some bars to earn their commas*.  The bitches in this rap song were ones NPDD readers know very well: Our dogs. We counted at least twelve different breeds in the video (and lots of bunnies), can you spot them?

One of the dogs is “Pansy,” an Afghan Hound who can be seen here waiting her turn, and not surprisingly, she looked great.

It wasn’t the first time purebred dogs made their way into SNL skits. Some, however, were mind numbing (Dog Show), over the top (Blue River Dog), Food), insulting (Dog Infomercial and Circle Mad Dog Food),  bizarre (Top Dog Chef), inane (Name that Dog), or just painful to watch (especially for the German Shepherd Dog in Dog Impersonators).  In that light, “I Love My Dog” is possibly one of the better dog themed skits the comedy show has offered.

*Translation: They sang to earn money

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