Talk to the Hand

When an Afghan Hound appears in a TV commercial, it’s usually in a role that denotes glamor, elegance, and refinement. The insurance company, Liberty Mutual, decided to cast an Afghan Hound in a role that any breed could have played. Check it out:

What we’re used to seeing for an Afghan Hound is this kind of role:

The human actor in the first commercial is Dustin Ingram, but once again, information on the dog is scant. We wonder when the powers-that-be will realize that many of their viewers and potential customers actually do want to learn more about the dog in their ads….

As for our post title, “Talk to the Hand,” it comes to us from the 1990s. The slang expression started out as a sarcastic way to tell someone they weren’t terribly interested in hearing what the other person had to say. Admittedly, it has little to do with the dog or the commercial, but it seemed fitting for the “paw-up” scene…..


5 thoughts on “Talk to the Hand”

  1. When I look at the dog’s head, it looks like a golden wearing a wig.

  2. I am surprised this website did not “catch” this lack of Afghan pedigree! Is the Afghan Hound difficult to work (with)? Why did the Commercial Marketing group do this?

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