Test Your Basenji Knowledge

Question: The Basenji produces an unusual yodel-like sound commonly called:

1) A jodeln
2) A kufuula
3) A barroo
4) Piga kelele

Now watch the video below and see if the answer you chose sounds like the sound the dogs actually make (it gets good at the :34 mark):


If you chose “barroo,” give yourself a pat on the back. Several dog authorities have opined that because of the narrower shape of their larynx, Basenjis’ vocalizations differ from the voices of other dogs. Some say that their larynxes are flat, and that’s why they don’t bark as other dogs do. A really good overview of the issue can be read here.

Want to hear more Basenji “singing?” Check this out.

Image: Photo by Johnston Danielle shared with permission


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