The Big Boned Gal

As is our occasional habit, we set the tone for this post with a musical repast, this from the fabulous K.D. Lang:

As much as we like K.D Lang, we springboard off her song to talk about the Cardigan Welsh Corgi.  For simplicity sake, let’s say our Cardigan is a bitch we’ll call “Sheila.”

Sheila is a bone boned gal. In fact, for her size, Sheila is a large boned and heavy little lady. As a working girl dealing with beasts hundreds of times her size, she should look like she can hold her own (read: kick some butt), but in polite company, we would described her as a powerful looking dog.

Blue Merle Cardigan Welsh Corgi from Dreamtime Stock Photo

That said, Sheila should be robust and sturdy, but never coarse. Coarse Cardigans are typically short necked, cobby-bodied, and have overdone heads. This is a fault in a working dog and the breed standard alludes to that not only because it’s inefficient, but because breed type is lost. Sheila and her “sisters” should be “low riders:” Long, low, and well muscled; Any extreme, however,  is incorrect. Leggy,undersized, and shelly is just as egregious as being too long and too low.

Image: “Corgi Gazing” by Lyn Hamer Cook from DogArtByLyn

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