The Breed Born of a Marmoset and a Lion

Breed legends are appealing to us, especially when it involves the birth of a dog breed as a result of a dalliance between two entirely different species. Who knew? Who knew that when a lion and a monkey fell in love, the Pekingese was born? As the story goes, a lion fell in love with a tiny marmoset monkey back in “the mists of time.” Because such a love was forbidden (if not impossible), the love-sick lion begged Ah Chu, the god who ruled the animal kingdom, to shrink him down to the Marmoset’s size so he could marry his true love. His heart, however, remained its original size, and it is from this union that the Pekingese, or Fu Lin — Lion Dog — was born (this according to Asian It makes perfect sense. A Peke may look small and delicate, but these surprisingly muscular and stocky dogs possess the dignity and importance of a lion. Marmoset and lion parents? Sure, why not. We buy it. Winkie winkie.

Image: Pastel on paper of “Wei Elfann of Giffnock” by Marion Rodger Harvey (1886-1971)

2 thoughts on “The Breed Born of a Marmoset and a Lion”

  1. That’s why I tell people, “she’s not a dog……she’s a Pekingese!” Their behavior and characteristics are somewhere between a dog & cat. They’re simply unique! I just love this little, big hearted breed!

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