Belge and Boerboel: Not The Same Thing

Pop quiz!  Belge. What is it, and who has it? Answer at the end. 
The word shouldn’t be confused with “Boerboel” which is the proper name of the South African Mastiff. The Boerboel is, in our view, an astoundingly impressive breed. There is the hint of explosive strength “lying in wait,” in its well muscled physique, but for imposing countenance, this is an athletic and agile breed. And for all its athleticism, this is a incredibly devoted dog that forms close attachments with its people, especially with the family children. There is no substitute for proper socialization, especially important with a large, powerful breed, but inside a dog’s powerful body often lies an equally large heart that will give its all to those the dog loves.
It was Jan van Riebeeck who brought a Bullenbijter to protect himself and his family when he traveled to the Cape in 1652. Settlers from other countries also brought along their dogs which resulted in a few romantic “liaisons.” The toughest dogs survived this harsh environment, and the Boerboel was the result of the breeding of these tough mastiff-types of dogs.
Now, about the word, “belge.”  It’s a color that’s a mixture of black and reddish brown, and to our knowledge, only two breeds have it in their breed standards: Brussels Griffon and the Affenpinscher.
Boerboel by Kimberly Santini

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