The Breed Owned by a Knight

Its nickname is “The Daredevil,” and though we may all have that one of those in the family, only one breed can lay “official” claim to the moniker, and that’s the Irish Terrier. There is something about these dogs. Maybe it’s the breed’s pluck. Maybe it’s the audacious grit these dogs have, but they are heedless and daring to the point that no other term besides “daredevil” describes them as well.
And this takes us to actors who are “daredevilish” in the roles they choose. Whether he is portraying Claudius, Gracchus, Brother Cadfael, or Cosmo Gordon Lang, Sir Derek Jacobi, rocks. Sir Jacobi, knighted in 1994 for his services to the theatre, is only the second person to enjoy the honor of holding two knighthoods, Danish and English. Can you tell we have a fondness for this talented actor?  His breed of choice” The Irish Terrier.
He once said of his dog: “Bella, our Irish terrier, is our first dog; after our twin cats died we got her from a breeder at seven weeks old. She’s been a great companion and comfort over the past 12 years. She’s divine because she doesn’t molt, doesn’t bark, except when necessary, she loves people and children and has a wonderful scent which is nothing like a doggy smell. We’ve often said, ‘If only we could bottle Bella’s scent.’ She has a beautiful face with a long muzzle and loves the camera. She totally upstages me.”
Upstage Derek Jacobi? Now that takes pluck.
Sir Jacobi did have a terrifying adventure with Bella when she fell into a river in full flow. He remembers, “It was freezing cold but she hung onto a ledge with her front paws, up to her neck in the icy water. It was a miracle we found her in time. She recovered quickly and it was then that I realized how precious she is to me.”
Sadly, Bella passed away some time ago, but now Sir Jacobi and his partner of 40 years, Richard, have a new young Irish Terrier to care for. All the best to them!

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  1. Bella passed away some time ago but now and his partner of 40 years Richard now have a new young Irish Terrier to care for.

    • How sad, but thank you for the update, Alex, we’ll update the post!

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