The Cardigan Front: Think Eggs

Once seen, it can’t be unseen. Eggs.

That’s the power of using a mnemonic device (something that helps you remember something) to evaluate a dog.

This hit-and-run post touches upon the Cardigan Welsh Corgi’s chest when seen from the front. The breed standard reads,”The moderately broad chest tapers to a deep brisket, well let down between the forelegs,” but another way to remember this is that head on, the Cardigan’s front is egg shaped, the wide end of the “egg” at the top. Having the chest taper to a deep brisket allows the legs to converge inward, and thus enable the dog to single track and maintain balance. A correct chest size and shape also give this working dog room for his lungs and heart. The advantage of the oval/egg shaped chest is also that it provides a flatter surface for more efficient motion of the shoulder blades while allowing those legs to converge (remember, this is the whole single track and maintaining balance thing). Bear in mind that this is a low-to-the-ground dwarf breed that needs a good spring of rib. The shoulders sloping down and out from the withers accommodates this spring.

Photo of BISS AM CDN GCH UK FR ND LUX CH. Yasashiikuma Lest We Forget – “Dragoon,” by Luc and shared with us by Shelley Camm

From now on when you see a Cardigan approaching you, you’ll smile, of course, but you’ll also get a sudden hankering for an omelette.

Thumbnail image: Photo of AM GCHP Kosmars Striking Back Of Bridgelady ROMB appears with the kind consent of Gerald W Roach. Striker was 6 months old at the time the photo was taken. 

Below is a photo of Striker’s father, “Raider,” which also appears through the generosity of Mary Hulme

Cardigan Welsh Corgi,front,structure




2 thoughts on “The Cardigan Front: Think Eggs”

  1. Awwww Nice to see Taryn’s dad, Striker, featured. Taryn finished with a five point major thanks to M’Kayla.

    • Striker is simply a lovely dog, and Taryn’s five point major finish proves that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! Congratulations!

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