The CMF “About Town & Country” Hat Photo Challenge – Open to Dachshunds ONLY

Carrie Mehdi was a vital part of the Dachshund community for over 30 years. President of the Dachshund Club of California, Show Chair and longtime member of the Dachshund Club of America, the wins she earned with her Dachshund, “Phineas” included an Award of Merit at Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York,  and BOS Best of Variety award at Knickerbocker Dachshund Club in New York. Carrie’s sudden and unexpected death silenced an irreplaceable force of nature. To honor her memory, the Carrie Mehdi Foundation (CMF) was formed in 2012 by her family and friends to support the charitable and philanthropic causes that were dear to her.

We are honored that the Foundation has chosen to sponsor a photo challenge in Carrie’s name. It is fitting – but important to note – that this challenge is open to Dachshunds only.


The challenge: Dachshunds are equally comfortable digging in the mud of an earthdog trial, or hobnobbing with landed gentry over tea and crumpets in town. Your challenge is to show our judges a hatted Dachshund in either setting, their hat and the background setting the tone of your photo entry – and yes, the NPDD sign must be part of the composition.

The prize:  $200 gift certificate to Barking Baby where all manner of canine hats, cool coats and other items are found.



The Dreaded Small Print You Must Read To Enter

•••• This contest happens on May 1 on our Facebook page. It is open to US residents only;

•••• One entry per person; You may enter four different photo challenges,

••••  When submitting your photo entry on Facebook, you must indicate the name of this contest, The CMF “About Town & Country” Hat Photo Challenge – Open to Dachshunds ONLY;

•••• Your entry must be for the 2024 contest;

•••• Within the photo, your image must include a purebred Dachshund and one of the following either downloaded from the link or handmade:

The “IPurebred Dogs” sign

The “Happy National Purebred Dg Day” sign 

The “I Lve My Purebred Dog” sign 

Any official National Purebred Dog Day item available here. 

•••• No photoshopping, and no photoshopping the required sign over your photo entry. Be creative with how you use it, but our judges, David Frei,  co-host of NBC’s National Dog Show, and veteran Westminster Kennel Club photographer, Jack Grassa, must see what you actually shot with your camera;

•••• Many people may help you take your photo, but the prize goes to the person submitting the winning photograph;

•••• Entering this contest implies consent that your photo may be shared on NPDD’s social media platforms and by the Carrie Mehdi Foundation;

••• A full explanation of how, when, and where to submit your entry can be read here;  

•••• Important! You and your Dachshund should have safe fun when composing your entry!

•••• Judges’ decisions are final

Top photo of Dachshunds, “Elke” and “George” at Carrie Mehdi Foundation Picnic by Stephen Simpson.


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