The Lagotto Romagnolo’s Unique Coat

A Lagotto Romagnolo has a unique undercoat that makes the dog nearly waterproof.  If she’s a working dog, a Lagotto is normally kept in a completely unbrushed, rustic state, and as the coat continues to grow, that double coat is frequently matted or “felted.” Rather than causing irritation, the matts provide the dog with a dense layer of protection. If you’ve ever patted the back of a sheep, you know what a working Lagotto’s coat feels like – super dense, wooly, and resistant to manipulation. It’s not the kind of coat you can separate at the roots to see the dog’s skin. If a working Lagotto is shaved (which some say should be one once a year, if not four or five times a year. ), her coat comes off in a solid piece. The outside may be dirty and coarse, but we’re told that the inside of the coat is baby-down soft and clean. The Lagotta’s coat isn’t just incredibly unique, its unique to this breed, and no other breed can claim anything like it. It should come as no surprise that grooming a Lagotto Romagnolo can be a topic of debate, but among breeders and owners, all can agree that protection of the dog trumps every other consideration.

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