The Longest (and Shortest) Breed Standards

Of the Chow Chow, Labrador Retriever, Coton de Tulear and English Springer Spaniel, not only does the Coton de Tulear have the longest breed standard by word count, but as of 2016, it has the longest breed standard of any AKC breed. The Coton’s standard has 2,287 words, the Chow Chow comes in at 2,114, the English Springer at 2,051, and finally, the Labrador Retriever at 2,039. For anyone who’s curious, two of the world’s oldest breeds have the shortest standards by word count: The Greyhound has the shortest at 223 words followed by the Lhasa Apso with 231. And now you will rock canine trivia!

Image: “Coton Puppy Sleeping” by Carla Foster
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