“Faciliate” More than Train

It’s said that one doesn’t train an Akbash Dog to guard livestock as much as facilitate the expression of their bonding instincts. Done properly, this result in a reliable, hard working dog, but certainly not an average domestic dog. These dogs need supervision, work to do, acreage to roam on, and owners confident enough to take the lead with a large, strong, independent-minded dog that can weigh up to 140 pounds. This is not a breed with which to trifle if they are angry or feel their flock is threatened.

The Akbash is one of the national dog breeds of Turkey, developed as it was in Turkey as far as 750 to 300 B.C., and takes its name from a Turkish word meaning “white head.”  The breed is officially recognized by the KIF, or Turkish Kennel Club, and in rural areas, these dogs can still be found protecting livestock.

Check out this remarkable video we found:

Image of an Akbash Dog guarding a flock of sheep in California via Wikicommons’ Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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