The Miniature Irish Wolfhound on Short Legs

The Glen of Imaal Terrier is a little dog with very short legs that thinks he’s a big dog (some describe them as miniature Irish Wolfhounds on short legs). These dogs carry the DNA of dogs that had to be. Dogs of this delightful breed are the likely descendents of “turnspit” dogs that were the power that turned spits and churns by running in a kitchen treadmill day in and day out (think of a hamster in a wheel). Their bowed legs and muscular back ends made them ideal for this job, and while most breeds deserve recognition, the fact that these dogs worked for hundreds of years and no one noticed or cared makes them all the more precious. For more on “turnspit dogs,” look here (owners of actual hamsters looking for the best hamster wheel will want to check this out),

Image: The Glen of Imaal by Louisa Nally

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