The Movie, “A Star is Born:” A Bone To Pick

Have you seen “A Star is Born” yet?
There isn’t much to dislike about a movie that has talented people (Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper) singing great songs, but we have a bone to pick with Frontline29, an on-line site that is “a modern woman’s destination for how to live a stylish, well-rounded life.”
Google searches for “Bradley Cooper dog” have been spiking since the movie’s release, and Google Trends show that people are asking, “What breed is the dog in ‘A Star Is Born?'”
The fluffy, floppy-eared dog named “Charlie” is actually owned by actor, Bradley Cooper, and Charlie is not a pure breed, but a loveable mix known as a Goldendoodle.  In covering the topic, Frontline 29 shared that actor, Cooper, received a Compassion in Film Award from PETA for casting Charlie instead of casting a dog from an animal exhibitor.”
An animal exhibitor. Like this is an awful thing.
It is our view that people who care enough about their breed to participate in their breed club, attend dog shows, and are typically held to a Code of Ethics by their club are exactly who we want to be breeding dogs, and that those health-tested dogs are the canines we want to be seen by the general public. Just saying.

5 thoughts on “The Movie, “A Star is Born:” A Bone To Pick”

  1. Well, I contend that those breeders should stand up and protect the millions of dogs laboring in puppy mills to produce designer and pure breed dogs!! AKC and these breeders shy away from the ugly underside and do not put their money where their mouths are!! Bravo Bradley Cooper!!

    • No one dislikes substandard breeders more than the people doing it right, Penny. Very few “breeders” churning out “designer dogs,” or substandard breeders of established breeds health test their dogs, let alone know what health issues face them because there is either no breed standard for the latest concoction of two breeds stuck together, or zero interest in reading the breed standard. We agree with you that there is an ugly underside in the world of dogs, but responsible, ethical breeders invested in their breed are not the cause of it.

  2. My guess is Bradly paid his own dog to be in the movie smart move.. tax write off etc.. he is also the producer of the remake ( how many times now) so saved a bunch by using his own dog ( but probably paid a trainer) and still has to follow the guidelines for having animals on the set
    Penny uses words that ate no better than slur terms to describe breeders who “labor” under page after page of regulations. I suggest she actually visit a commercial breeder before she slanders them or sucks up the HSUS/ASPCA and PETAphile propaganda.

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