The New Yorker?

Pretty plant, right?

It’s a Salvia greggii, and why it’s appearing on National Purebred Dog Day’s page is that the plant is sometimes called the Chihuahuan Sage. We’re told that as plants go, it has more personality than a plant its size has a right to have.

Sounds like a Chihuahua, too.  Chihuahueno,Chihuahua,the New Yorker,Salvia greggii

We can’t verify this next factoid, but some dog sites write that relative to their bodies, Chihuahuas have the biggest brain in the dog world.  We can say with certainty that relative to their size, Chihuahuas also have huge characters.  Loyal companions to a fault, Chihuahuas are loaded with vigor, and can actually be quite sassy. Indeed, the official AKC breed standard indicates that the Chihuahua has terrier-like qualities of temperament, and a saucy expression. A Chihuahua may be tiny, but it is a stand-up and take notice dog. Is this why, we wonder, that in its homeland of Mexico, the Chihuahua is sometimes referred to as, “The New Yorker?”

Hey New Yorkers, we luv ya.

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