The “Perfect Pairing” Photo Challenge – Photo Contest 2018

Bacon and eggs, Abercrombie and Fitch, salt and pepper, white wine and fish – some of the best things in life are paired. In keeping with the prize of hand painted wineglasses, this photo contest challenge for May 1 is to show our judges, David Frei and Jack Grassa, the logical/perfect partner for your dog’s breed!
Two hand painted wine glasses in the breed(s) of your choice is generously donated by Sally Henderson through Cherrybrook. Cherrybrook offers 212 breed options, so this contest will appeal to a lot of National Purebred Dog Day friends.
  • Each glass is 7 1/2″ tall and holds 12 fluid ounces
  • Hand wash only
The small print:
  • Creativity counts, so think outside the box. We don’t want to see your trophies or ribbons, we want to see how you view the challenge of this contest theme;
  • Shipping expenses require that this contest be limited to residents of the US and Canada:
  • No photoshopping! What you shoot with your camera must be what the judges see;
  • One photo submission per person per contest challenge;
  • The submitted photo must be taken for this contest. Old photographs won’t be considered;
  • Your photo must include a purebred dog;

Your sign must also include one of the following signs (that you can download and print from the files below under “small print):

The “I Purebred Dogs”

“Happy National Purebred Dg Day,”

“I My Purebred Dog” signs

or official NPDD gear.

You may also make your own own sign.

  • Do not photoshop the “I Purebred Dogs, “Happy National Purebred Dg Day” or “I My Purebred Dog” signs on top of your image; The signs must be part of the photo shoot;
  • Many people may have helped you take your picture, but the prize goes to the person submitting the winning photograph. Judges decisions are final;
  • A photo submission implies consent that it may be shared on NPDD’s various social media platforms;
  • When submitting your photo on Facebook, you must indicate the name of the photo challenge you are entering, which is this case is the Perfect Pairing” Photo Challenge;
  • This contest happens on May 1. A full explanation of when, where, and how to submit your picture can be read here.
  • Download the “I Purebred Dogs” sign here;
  • Download the “Happy National Purebred Dg Day” here;
  • Download the “I My Purebred Dog” sign here;
  • Have fun! This contest celebrates our great purebred dogs, so have some giggles with your “models!”
Photo Contest 2018

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