The Marcel Coat – and Bananas

First, scroll down to the video to get in the mood:

The classic “doo wap” song, “Blue Moon” was performed by the Marcels, a group that got its name from a hair style called the marcel wave. Especially prominent in the 1930s, the marcel was also called the finger wave because it involved pinching the marcel,American Water Spaniel,hair,coat,hair between the fingers, then combing it in alternating directions to make an “S” shape wave. The waves were kept in place with a waving product. Entertainers like Bette Davis and Josephine Baker helped popularize the hair style, and no doubt they had to work at it. We know of a far more beautiful creature that doesn’t have to work at having a marvel at all: The American Water Spaniel

An ancestry that includes the Irish Water Spaniel, Curly-Coated Retriever, the Field Spaniel, and the now extinct Old English Water Spaniel undoubtedly gave the AWS it’s unique double layered coat. To our knowledge, it’s the only dog breed in which its standard mentions a marcel (uniform waves) coat, as well as closely curled (as an aside, the Cornish Rex cat also has a marcel coat.

Grooming is minimal: A slicker brush removes dead undercoat, a rubber tipped pin brush used for sparser coated dogs or during summer months promotes the spread of natural oils throughout the coat, and a wide tooth combs works out loose snarls.

We do have a question for American Water Spaniel owners that has nothing to do with coat. We’ve come across claims that  American Water Spaniels love bananas to the extent that it’s “a thing” in the breed. True, AWS people?

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