The Purebred Lego


Lego dogs by Amida Na

Purebred dogs made of Legos is always a popular topic here, if only because we all seem fascinated by how “builders” are able to craft out of square building bricks various breeds that aren’t angular. Korean builder, Amida Na, has created a number of “Lego breeds” that you can admire here, but a Jekca, a company that creates a similar type building brick, has created a large number of medium size and small sized breeds available for purchase – we just haven’t been able to ascertain if your purchase price is for a finished “dog,” or the instructions and material to build your own. While rummaging around the Internet to learn more about this, we came across Lego’s a LEGO® Friends Puppy Championship kit.  We’re partial to toys that inspire creativity in children, and Legos are a terrific option.

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