The Setter That Doesn’t Forget

We’ve come across more than a few references to the Gordon Setter’s incredible long-term memory. The memory of a Gordon Setter is so powerful, in fact, that it’s said that once trained to do something, they never forget it, a characteristic that some believe is one reason why the Gordon is such a skilled bird hunter.

We’ll take the word of actual owners over the say-so of a website any day, and so, we asked!

Mind you, we didn’t poll the entire world of Gordon Setter owners, but we did get a fair sampling of them during the Purebred of Interest feature we did on their breed a while back. No one disagreed.  Here is a sampling of their answers with regards to the Gordon’s memory:

  • They have an amazing memory and yes, once they know how to do something they don’t forget. They remember people too and are a bit snooty with people they don’t know but once they accept somebody they greet them like long lost friends;
  • I have found this (the sharpness of the breed’s memory) to be very true, especially when hunting in different places over the years;
  • They remember people too – like their breeder after years!
  • Our Gordon flushed a cat from under a bush when he was about four months old. He went back to that bush every day for the rest of his life, clearly hoping for another toy to pop out.

Gordon Setter owners, do you agree?

Image: Gordon Setter by Sue Deutscher



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