The Smallest Herder

Though an FSS breed now (the AKC’s Foundation Stock Service, a “prelude” to AKC recognition), the Lancashire Heeler will most likely be the smallest dog in the Herding Group when full acceptance is granted.  In truth, the all-around breed could fit in a few other groups, as well, since its traditional role has been as ratter, gun dog, retriever, and yes, herder. There are only about 5,000 of these natives of England’s coastal Lancashire worldwide, and hopefully these numbers will increase as their versatility and friendly nature become better known. That may take a while, however, since the Kennel Club labeled the breed “vulnerable” in 2003.

Lancashire Heeler in Colored Pencil by Aron Gadd
Stockbridge Gallery




6 thoughts on “The Smallest Herder”

    • Lance, they’re wonderful! What is the breed like to live with?

      • They are wonderful to live with . Full of character a d affection

  1. I adore this robust little dog. Great in and out of the house with every family member! They are becoming more and more popular in the US and abroad. If you are interest visit our Facebook page at lancashire Heeler friends in the us Or our website

    • Thanks for the tip, Sheryl! We have another idea to help educate readers about this dandy little dog – how about you help us feature it as a Purebred of Interest on our Facebook page? For two days, we’ll ask questions, share factoids and history, but we need breed owners to answer questions, share photos, as well as their breed wisdom and experience. How about it?

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