The Smallest of the 101 Dalmatians: What Was Her Name?

“Cadpig,” English in origin, is a term used for the smallest piglet in a litter of pigs (not to be confused with “runt”). The name of the smallest and youngest puppy in both the book and movie version of, “101 Dalmatians,” was “Cadpig.”  In 101 Dalmatians: The Series released in 1997,  “Cadpig” was one of four main characters. She was very much into New Age philosophies, and did her best to promote spread goodwill throughout the world. She was never as strong as her brothers and sisters, but she was more learned,  and had a developed world view.  With her extensive vocabulary, gift for sarcasm, and use of “metaphysical metaphors,” she was a stand-out Dalmatian.  What a unique name for a special puppy!

3 thoughts on “The Smallest of the 101 Dalmatians: What Was Her Name?”

  1. One California day a small Dalmatian runt walked in front of my car as I was driving. Obviously a discarded runt. Blue eye and a brown. We had a quick chat about the situation over a bowl of needed water. She jumped in my car.

    Fifteen years later. A world traveler, a model. Dad’s special girl passed on. As with all of them every day was special. My Scrappy. My smart as a whip. My last rescue has left a very large hole in our lives. Love the runts. The imperfect and different. Have the most to give.

    She had an amazing run. More than most humans. Under the full moon she runs our yard and fields still. My wolf dog and I are still in shock. How quiet the house is.

    • What a remarkable tribute you’ve written about your girl, Dan. She sounds like she was very special indeed, and having lost dogs of our own – and a couple recently- we’re all too familiar with the ache you and your wolf dog feel. Our condolences.

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