The Min Pin Beanie Babie

It may be the only breed in which “stag” is part of its acceptable colors. Stag red. Stag blue. Blue stag red. Chocolate stag red. Fawn stag red.  We’re hoping Miniature Pinscher owners can help us understand the whole stag thing in their standard, (and once it’s explained, we’re pretty sure we’ll feel foolish). Min Pin, therapy dog,Miniature Pinscher, Beanie Baby,dog,purebred dog, mayo clinic,Dr. Jack

No word on what the technical color was of the Beanie Baby that was that was inspired by “Dr. Jack,” a Miniature Pinscher who became the Mayo Clinic’s first facility-based therapy dog. It’s estimated that with his escort, companion Marcia Fritzmeier, the pair visited close to 3,000 patients during nine years of service in Mayo Clinic’s hospitals. The photo at the right is from an article you can read here.



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