The Widow’s Peak

When it comes to hair styles, people of a “certain age” will know immediately what a “D.A.” (or duck’s ass”) is. For everyone younger, a “DA” (also called a “duck tail”) was a man’s hair style popular in the 50s in which hair was swept back at the sides to form a ridge or seam at the back. Most men needed a lot of pomade (hair grease) to hold the hair in place, and it was this practice that lead to the term,  “greaser” (as in the movie, Grease).

A “widow’s peak” also has to do with hair, but in this case,  the hairline dips into a V-shape near the center of the forehead. The expression comes from the belief that it was a sign of early widowhood, though the trait has also been considered a mark of beauty. We can certainly agree with that last part because some gorgeous breeds can have a widow’s peak, including a domino Afghan Hound and a grizzle Saluki. If your dog has one, share his or her picture below!

Image: Portrait of a Saluki Puppy by acornah
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25 thoughts on “The Widow’s Peak”

  1. Vinny just got his DNA test back and I’m still scratching my head to figure out where the widow’s peak came from. As far as the missing ear, his sister and he were found on the west side of San Antonio. She had a burn mark down her spine like a skunk stripe and he was missing an ear. He definitely was born with both ears. His breeds are listed as Australian cattle dog, Australian shepherd, Labrador retriever, Great Pyrenees, and Dalmatian.

    • Bless your heart for taking Vinny in, Robin, and giving him the affection he deserves. It doesn’t bear thinking about, the horrors this dog has known, and we’d like to think there’s a special ring of hell waiting for the person who made him suffer. As for his “Heinz 57” concoction of ancestry, it really is difficult to know who passed the Widows Peak along to him, but in Vinny’s case, perhaps it’s less of a Widows Peak, and more of a natural arrow pointing to a spot that could read, “Kiss me here.” Lots of pats to your kiddos, Robin.

  2. This is our silly little boy Sherlock sporting his widow’s peak. We think he looks like he’s wearing a hoodie! We have no idea what kind of breeds are in his DNA; we just know he’s adorable!

    • That is different sorry, your dog as a black and tan with RALY gene, making him a creeding tan, the red on the head will probably creep further down the head as he ages 🙂

  3. Found the lemon out on a side walk one day and we’ve been bffs ever since. Don’t know what breed he is.. but in the end it doesn’t matter I LOVE HIM

    • That is quite a widow’s peak on your dog, lemon. We love all dogs, whatever their ancestry, and we appreciate the qualities that purebred dogs offer, as well. Your dog is lucky to have been found by you.

    • Oh my goodness Lemon looks quite a lot like our Winnie! We don’t know what she’s made of either but we surely adore her!

    • Your dog looks exactly like my dog. I adopted from the humane society. They said he was part Basenji but not sure what else? I think Chihuahua.

    • Looks like my Dexter. Just got his embark DNA results and he’s 100% American Pit Bull Terrier. Not what I expecting considering his widow’s peak.

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