The Wire Haired Pinscher and the Smooth-Coated Pinscher: Different Names Today

Back in the day, the German Pinscher and Standard Schnauzer were considered two varieties of the same breed, and as late as the last quarter of the 19th century, they were sometimes born in the same litter. Before the Standard Schnauzer’s name was changed to “Standard Schnauzer,” it was known as the Wire Haired Pinscher while the German Pinscher was called the Smooth-Coated Pinscher. 

The exact time and location of these dogs isn’t definitively known, though it’s likely they could be found on German farms for many generations, if not longer. It’s believed that over time, breeders decided to separate the “coat varieties” into actual “breeds,” and after three generations of consistent coat type, the then Pinscher-Schnauzer club allowed them to be registered as their respective “breeds.” That said, we always defer to the experts on this breed and ask: Is this true? 

We part with a bit of trivia: The Standard Schnauzer (then known as the Wirehaired Pinscher) and the Affenpinscher were the first Pinscher breeds to become known in English-speaking countries. Cool, eh? 

Image: Standard Schnauzer by Laurence Canter


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