The Wool Felt Purebred

It’s not quite Christmas in July time yet, but you can never start planning ahead too soon when it comes to a really special gift wool felt,mobile,dog,for the holidays which, according to our clock, is 183 days away (160 days until Hannukah).

Andrea Burnett at Sheep Creek Studio makes wool felted objet d’art (and make no mistake, though her items are needle crafted, they are works of art!) which include mermaids, lambs and forest animals. Naturally, we love her purebred dogs the best, and in particular, the mobiles. The insert image is of a Schnauzer, but she’s also crafted spaniels, terriers, Collies and more.

As we see it, mobiles aren’t just for baby nurseries, not when they’re this cute.

You can see her work on Instagram, Facebook, and her Etsy shop

2 thoughts on “The Wool Felt Purebred”

  1. At first glance, I thought this was a real dog with a truly unusual coat. Before I realized it was an amazing human creation, I thought, “How on earth would you BATHE that?” Beautiful work!

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